Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does your paycard support electronic bill pay?

Prepaid Trends had a guest column November 6th on electronic bill pay, a feature gaining popularity with the internet savvy customer. Directo debit card holders have had this feature from the beginning, since 1998. Each Directo account is individually owned, and bill pay and auto debit are just some of features our customers enjoy.

The author of the Prepaid Trends article mentioned Payvox, a product that allows electronic bill pay via telephone. I've also seen small businesses, especially in Hispanic commercial areas, that offer billpay at computer terminals that the customer uses, with personal assistance for those who may not know how to operate them. Many public libraries offer their patrons computers with free internet access, and as long as the personal information is erased after using to keep information private, this is a good, free alternative.

Electronic bill pay is convenient, and for Directo paycard customers, free. The cost of postage, money orders and the time and hassle of organizing the payments are erased by learning how to manage a few keystrokes.

Directo's ease of paying bills online and scheduling electronic debits also erases the line between those who are banked and unbanked, as many who can have "brick and mortar" accounts choose the Directocash debit card because of its low cost, ease of use, and range of benefits.