Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prepare for your seasonal workers

Spring is officially here, which means that your business is likely increasing staffing for the season. While this increased workforce brings additional challenges, Directo aims to ease payroll burdens for you and your employees.

While reducing costs and increasing productivity, paycard pioneer Directo allows your company to offer an unmatched employee benefit that will maximize their paychecks.

For unbanked employees, one of the largest hits to their pocketbooks is exorbitant check cashing fees. With these fees ranging on average about 5 percent of their check, Directo eliminates the need for this service and saves your employees hundreds over the course of a season.

An additional issue with check cashing falls on the employers' shoulders since workers often need to leave the jobsite early in order to cash their checks. The loss of productivity is also evident with the hassles of reaching workers in the field or having them come into the office to receive their checks. Directo eliminates all of these stresses since the deposits are automatic and instantly available.

Furthermore, Directo offers a variety of options to eliminate even more high fees faced by employees who need to send money to other locations. With options that include no additional monthly expenses, Directo can create an account that allows your employees to continue supporting their families worldwide.

Offering top-notch bilingual customer support, Directo helps your company attain 100 percent direct deposit while ensuring your employees aren't needlessly spending their paychecks simply to obtain what they worked so hard for in the first place.

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