Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chase Staffing makes wise infrastructure investments in lean economy

Longtime Directo customer Chase Staffing has made a number of changes in the past year, increasing efficiency and responding to the market.

They implemented a national Directo paycard program several years ago, then saw a way to cut paperwork and duplicate data entry even more. Last year we integrated paycard enrollment into their Tempworks utility. Cory at Tempworks blogged about it last week.

A wise investment has made an impact in efficiency at every branch, allowing busy branch personnel to spend more of their time placing employees - and making money.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad weather and business continuity - put paycards in your toolchest

Storm clouds roil overhead and with one call your foreman has the emergency generator ready to go, just in case. Or snow starts to pile up to the window ledges and you don't have to wonder how your workers will get to the office, because your business continuity plan has a skeletal crew of workers in the building while the rest work from home.

These two scenarios show how business continuity plans are essential to your peace of mind. Even something as simple as making sure that all management has a list of home numbers for all staff can make a difference.

Another simple solution? A Directo payroll card program with MyStub electronic paystubs. You can pay your workers no matter where they are, and because Directo accounts are FDIC insured, with funds held in an FDIC member bank, you know their funds are safe.

Start your plan today! Call Jim McCarthy at 770.810.6505, or email him at jmccarthy@directo.net.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paycards are just one part of paperless payroll goal

Judging from yesterday's full MyStub webinar, interest in paperless payroll is strong and growing. We at Directo are excited to offer the MyStub electronic paystub, which added to our paycards make any payroll truly paperless. Besides the environmental benefits, the cost savings of electronic paystubs are huge, and with postage going up and service headed in the other direction, it's a no brainer.

If you couldn't log into the webinar or didn't hear about it until today, shoot an email to jmccarthy@directo.net (Jim McCarthy) for an invitation to the next one on July 15th. Guaranteed that your life will change in just twenty minutes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PEO's and Staffing Companies Hit With Payroll Fraud

The American Staffing Association has issued a warning to its members to be on the alert for companies that create fictitious temporary employees that are paid out of the targeted staffing company's bank accounts. Although the victimized companies are in Georgia, all should be watchful.

Below is an excerpt from the email alert:

Firms Should be Vigilant According to a detective from the Fulton County, Ga., police department, at least three staffing firms have been targeted in an alleged scam by perpetrators in Georgia. The suspects, Nicholas Lee Thomas and Jakim Edward Pearson, allegedly operate Furniture Showroom Inc., Appliance Warehouse, Radiator Warehouse, and Weatherization Inc. According to the detective, they allegedly contact staffing firms to manage their companies' payrolls and then defraud the firms by submitting falsified timecards and names of fictitious employees. The suspects also allegedly remit payments to the staffing firms using checks that later bounce.
At Directo we conduct due diligence on new clients in order to avoid these situations, and monitor accounts to maintain security.