Friday, May 29, 2009

Turning the corner -- we're seeing it already

If you keep up with the news you've noticed that optimism is starting to bubble up from the usual grumbling about the economy. We've definitely seen signs of a turnaround here at Directo. Companies that had pulled back to conserve are hiring again, and many that were frozen into inaction by the downturn are now exploring new ways to save money as they grow once more.

At Directo, we know what it takes to successfully streamline payroll, cutting waste and freeing up valuable employee time through paperless pay technologies. More companies are taking advantage of our years of experience and our innovative solutions. To find out how you can grab some of that optimism for your company, check out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Award bonuses with gift cards - a growing trend

An article in today's Washington Post announced the new FDA chief's suspension of their gift card program to award informal bonuses. He wants to be sure that there is a clear criteria for receiving the cards, 160 of which were ordered at $250 apiece "to reward employees for their hard work." They'll start the program up as soon as the chief is assured that everything was done "by the book."

Using prepaid cards for incentive pay is a proven way to reward employees. Rather than run bonuses through payroll, the cards are stockpiled, to be handed to employees when goals are met, or superior performance is rewarded. Cards in small denominations can be used for spur of the moment "attaboys" that increase employee loyalty.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paperless pay growing in popularity as a way to ease payroll pain.

If you Google "paperless pay" you'll find entries as far back as 2004. In the HR industry, that's practically the Middle Ages. There are many more entries from the last few months, as business diminished from a steady flow to a trickle in the difficult economy. Companies are now looking for a way to reduce expense, and paperless pay seems a clear answer.

Text messaging has grown too, hand in hand with direct deposit and electronic paystubs. In 2004, text messaging was a costly add-on to most phone plans. I recently caught my 82-year-old mother-in-law responding to a text. "Too much trouble to get up and check email," she grumbled. Without knowing it, she'd put her finger right on the source of the growth in popularity of paperless pay--pain and bother.

The early adopters have all been on direct deposit since the beginning. As soon as online check stubs are available, they'll sign up, knowing that they can print one out if and when they need one. Text notifications of account deposits find them where ever they might be, telling them that their payroll has hit their bank account.

For the rest of the employee population, adoption happens when events dictate a change. Several Directo clients adopted paycard programs because of robberies. Employees who would cash their paychecks were mugged and lost all of their cash. Direct deposit was the obvious solution, but because they couldn't open bank accounts, their managers looked for an alternative that would help workers stay safe. Directo paycards were introduced to the employees, and soon became part of their way of life. They were eager to step away from the role of "potential victim" and with Directo's help joined (or rejoined) the banking mainstream.

Meanwhile, payroll costs are rising, and fraud risk has grown. Employers are looking for any way to cut costs while keeping their data secure. Paperless pay becomes the clear answer. Just as texting is now enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life, so too will electronic payroll delivery. Don't wait until it hurts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

How green is your payroll? Paycards and payroll savings fuel green initiatives.

Going green isn't just about recycling. According to a recent post by Kevin Prow at The Paperless Perspective blog, paycards can save employers $175 per year per employee. Pair that with electronic paystubs, and the savings grow impressively.

At Directo, we've heard from payroll and HR executives who are ecstatic over lowered costs and increased productivity thanks to a Directo paycard program that delivers as promised. Add Directo paycards and electronic paystubs to your payroll program and your company can be totally paperless in just days.